dBA Design Group, Inc. is recognized as a leading Acoustical Consulting & Design firm in the area of Music Education Facilities with over 25 years’ experience including participation in several privately funded research grant programs.

Although our firm is recognized as a specialist in Music Facility Planning and Design (Harold Geerdes authored the book Music Facilities: Building, Equipping, and Renovation; the foundational source material for [MENC] Music Educators National Conference), our associates also provide full service consulting and design for Sports Arenas, Worship Centers, Conference/Meeting Rooms, Open Plan Offices (Noise Masking, etc.), & Industrial Noise Control. Facilities are designed covering the acoustical aspects along with the audio/video communication systems utilized in these types of facilities.

We also provide specialized Environmental Noise Analysis and Noise control for new and existing HVAC, Industrial Plant, and Process Machinery systems.

dBA Design Group, Inc. provides educational seminars for Architects, Engineers and other professional groups and organizations.

Synopsis of Services

dBA Design Group, Inc. provides the following basic services direct to clients, developers and general contractors, or as a member of an architectural team:

Bid Evaluation

Provide professional expert assistance in evaluating Bids and Proposals generated by the owner/engineer to help determine the lowest cost and best system(s) for your facility.


Provide performance testing/verification/report of all existing Acoustical and Audio & Communication systems.

Noise Control Evaluation, Test & Design

Provide complete acoustical, environmental and system noise test/verification/report of existing facilities.

Service Packages

dBA Design Group, Inc. services are offered in several basic Service Packages to meet the needs of our clients. Please NOTE, all the listed Service Packages are guidelines only and can be modified to meet your specific project requirements.

Package 1: Facility/Project Evaluation

This is a one day (max) project review with you at your site for a new or existing facility. You may also send us plans for the proposed project.

We will evaluate the project and provide you with a brief oral and/or written report detailing any recommended changes necessary.

Package 2: Facility/Project Evaluation & Discussion

This is a mini-design based on information as noted in Package 1. As there are always questions which require more research, this program allows us to provide the required research & basic design to allow a more detailed response to the many possible project variables.

Package 3: Facility Evaluation & Test

This is primarily for existing facilities which require on-site testing do to the more complex problems and/or project requirements. Either level of discussion & recommendations can be applied as listed in Packages 1 & 2.

Package 4: Basic Facility/Project Design

Assist Owner/Architect/Engineer in selecting required types of equipment, treatment, methods of construction, etc. to achieve required performance levels. Provides basic system block diagrams and CAD simulated performance reports.

Provide engineering interface between electrical, mechanical and structural project requirements. Establish guidelines for acceptable levels of airborne and structure-borne noise in HVAC and Lighting systems, etc.

Package 5: Comprehensive Facility/Project Design

This program is an expansion of Package 4 and typically consists of four distinct phases (see below). Under Package 5, we have the primary responsibility to the client/owner to provide & maintain the scope of the projects within our area(s) of expertise.

Package 5a: Complete Facility/Project Design w/Auralization

Identical to Package 5 but with the addition of Auralization to provide actual in-situ auditory feedback to the design team to demonstrate the advantages / disadvantages of different design scenarios. This ability to "listen inside the room" during the design stage is recommended for facilities whose end purpose is to provide the highest levels of performance.

Package 6: Contract Administration/Supervision

Provide complete construction/installation supervision (and with much greater expertise, depth and detail than typically provided by Architectural, Construction Management, and General Contractors) of all associated aspects relating to the project. We can also provide verification, commissioning, set-up and final tuning of all systems. This program certifies that you receive exactly what was specified and that the performance levels meet or exceed those specifications.

Package 7: System Training

Provide complete functional training for audio/acoustical/communication systems. We provide detailed instruction manuals along with classroom and hands-on training for staff members.

We not only provide instructions in how to operate the system, but also how the systems can be operated - there is a distinct difference.

Process for Package 5(a) - Comprehensive Facility/Project Design

Because Packages 5 and 5a (above) are comprehensive we follow a series of phases to assure complete, high-quality work.

Phase 1: Needs Assessment & Project Requirements

We meet with all involved parties/design team to assess the current and future project requirements.

Phase 2: Research & Development

We determine the possible types of designs and systems needed to meet the requirements as defined in Phase 1. Phase 2 also includes any necessary testing when the project involves renovation.

We discuss with you the basic design scenarios and provide our recommendations as to the projects direction and final design concept.

Phase 3: Preliminary Design

All projected design details for the project are provided, including preliminary drawings, block diagrams, equipment and system requirements.

Phase 4: Final Plans & Specifications

Presentation set of documents for final consideration and approval are provided.

Under Program V we also provide the design team members with information relating to their special area of design, ie: BTU and NRC/RC HVAC requirements, structural support needs, appropriate floor and ceiling plans, equipment locations and mounting requirements, etc.

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