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dBA Design Group, inc. is a continuum of dBA Acoustics, established by the late Tom Lorenzen and Harold Geerdes in 1989. In 2016 Tom Lorenzen approached Doug Hood to lead the new team and carry on the dBA legacy. Tom worked with Doug and his team on several projects and was confident that Doug could nurture the values that define dBA; high-level professional acoustic work coupled with personal interaction and customer service.

dBA Design Group, inc. (dBA) is recognized as a comprehensive Acoustical Consulting & Design firm providing consulting services in the areas of: Multipurpose Performance Spaces, Auditoriums, Music Education Facilities, Sports Arenas, Worship Facilities, Conference & Meeting Rooms, & Industrial Noise Control.

dBA Design Group, inc. has a great deal of time invested in basic research of acoustics and audio control. Lorenzen and Geerdes’ research resulted in the awarding of U.S. Patent # 4,847,718, as well as being instrumental in the EMI/RFI design of the SINCGARS radio system used by the US military.

Harold Geerdes authored the book “Music Facilities: Building, Equipping, and Renovating”, which is the reference used by MENC (Music Educators National Conference). Following the lead of Lorenzen and Geered, the new leadership and staff of dBA provide a well-rounded knowledge of Construction Technology and the Communication Arts & Sciences needed for professional consultation and design in our industry.

Our Name describes what we do:

dB = Decibel (international symbol used in audio, communications and acoustics) a unit of measurement for the intensity of a sound wave

A = A weighting (the sound measurement, etc. is tailored to the way people hear sound)

Design Group = An interdisciplinary group of professionals providing the best in acoustic study and control

We provide solutions so that you can hear what you should hear.

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